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Liverpool F.C. vs. Watford F.C. (EPL)

  • The Gorgeous Gael

Did you know that Sir Elton John was once the chairman of Watford? There's a stand named after him in their stadium. Did you know that under his guidance Watford went from the fourth devision to finishing SECOND place in England's First Division in 1982-83. Can you guess who finished first? Bob Paisley's Liverpool F.C. Thats who. Come watch the Reds exterminate the Wasps with us at the Gael on Sunday. It'll be just like old times.

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Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool F.C. (EPL)

  • The Gorgeous Gael

Christian Benteke won it for Liverpool late last year at Palace. This year, he'll get to see what it's like to be on the wrong side of results at Selhurst Park. We'll be watching at the Gorgeous Gael. Come join us!

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Liverpool F.C. vs. Man United (EPL)

  • The Gorgeous Gael

It's Monday Night Football, Northwest Derby edition. I know I'm calling in sick for this one. The doctor's prescription? 6 parts Carlsberg, 1 part Tears-of-Mourinho. The best place for both of those is the Gorgeous Gael with the rest of the Supporter's Club.

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Swansea City vs. Liverpool F.C. (EPL)

  • The Gorgeous Gael

A trip to Wales is in the cards for the best XI in the World for this EPL matchup. It will undoubtedly be a cold and rainy afternoon there, but who cares? Nothing says "Good Morning" like a beatdown and a nice tall glass of ice-cold beer! You can sleep it off after the game and still wake up in time to crush that to-do list.